A Journey Awaits!

A Journey Awaits!


Some chiptune I made today! :D

It's a pretty simple composition. It reminds me of some kind of journey, of adventure a hero would take upon for the first time! Very happy mood, short loop, available in multitude of formats!

If you want to open the original FLP, you will need FL Studio 11 (haven't tested on previous versions) and peach, a free chiptune VST plugin, as well as some samples which are included in the ZIP file! Simply download it and open the ZIP directly with FL Studio! :)

Chiptune drum samples by Boyinaband. Thanks to him! :D

Also make sure to check me out on Twitter, I'm going to be posting links when I release new things~ I also take commissions: @pbondoer


A Journey Awaits.ogg A Journey Awaits.ogg 4.2 Mb [1401 download(s)]
A Journey Awaits.mp3 A Journey Awaits.mp3 4.1 Mb [2402 download(s)]
A Journey Awaits.flac A Journey Awaits.flac 10.9 Mb [252 download(s)]
A Journey Awaits.zip A Journey Awaits.zip 192.3 Kb [543 download(s)]