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RPG Icons


This is an amazing set I found on dA when searching for "attribution" and "game" or something like this in the normal dA search. Let the author take it from here:



These Icons were commissioned for Traipse OpenRPG

They are licensed under the CC-By-Sa (Attribution - Share-Alike) License : [link] so can be shared as long as credit is given to the original creators (Myself and Traipse OpenRPG)


What's in the zip file:

00 - My blank backgrounds - a border, a parchment and a panel (all of the below images appears on these backgrounds)
01 - Shields, two designs, a blank and one with heraldry
02 - Warhammer, two designs
03 - Sword, three designs.
04 - Helmet
05 - Dwarf Paladin (1 face, 3 body designs)
06 - Sorceror (2 faces, 6 body designs (different spells, with and without cloak)
07 - Goblin (1 face, 2 body designs)
08 - Compass, two designs
09 - Globe, two designs
10 - Scroll, two designs
11 - (Spell)Book, four designs
12 - Building, two designs
13 - Tree, two designs
14 - Coin, three designs
15 - Backpack
16 - Elf Archer (1 Face, 1 Body)
17 - Cleric (1 Face, 2 body designs)

Bonus 1 - Magic Wand
Bonus 2 - Magic Potion

The two bonus images weren't in the original design brief but I thought they fit in well. In total there are 48 designs (some small variants of each other) and over 244 images in the zip file!

tags: shield, war, hammer, sword, helmet, paladin, dwarf, sorceror, wizzard, goblin, compass, globe, scroll, book, spell, building, tree, house, coin, backpack, elf, archer, cleric, wand, magic, potion