Sci-Fi RTS War Unit Sounds

Sci-Fi RTS War Unit Sounds

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A sound pack made for Bos Wars but it might be useful for other games.

44100 Hz .wav files.

All sources are cc0/pd or my own work: is a mix of and

hydraulic sounds are the best!


artil.*.wav are mixes of and

I imagined a sociopath driver/gunman, who is grumpy, because he has to sit in this very isolated, plated vehicle all day, which is why he prefers not to talk.


blackhawk.template.wav is an edit of


artil.die.wav is a mix of and


destroyer.*.wav are mixes of and

I was thinking about the voice of StarCraft's Battle Cruiser captains but mine turned out very different. :)


destroyer.die.wav is a mix of and


shipyardselect is an edit of

Note that you may use the *.template.wav files under terms of cc0, as they do not contain my voice. They are intended to be overlayed with voice samples processed to sound like radio talk ( ) to make new reaction sounds.

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Copyright 2012 Iwan 'qubodup' Gabovitch | License options: CC Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported OR GPL 2 or later
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