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Tuesday, February 22, 2022 - 19:48

I played that one long ago, I had a total LOL with goblin and dwarf sucubies :D

Saturday, February 19, 2022 - 10:07

Of course you can as long as it´s yours or derived from CC licenses. In case of some nudity just cut the preview so it doesn´t show too much and you are set.


- Edit: i saw you already did, it sure looks nostalgic.

Friday, February 18, 2022 - 14:46

Thanks Umplix, maybe someday I will get to make it; in these recent years a few games emerged that are pretty close to what I envisioned, "Mount and blade 2" being the best and next closest "Sands of Salzaar". Have a look, you might like them.

Friday, February 11, 2022 - 08:17

Have you had a look around to find something you like? LPC assest are pretty good:

It also has many variants and settings, I doubt you will find something better for free.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 19:45

- Two sources, for the original files:

The modded ones are in my pc :P , I´ll upload eventually.


- To protect my sanity I´m using a simple naming system: adjective + item + "of the" + name, if the item is epic (5 bonuses or more) it gets one more adjective before all, "Legendary murder sword of the killer". It can add as many bonuses as needed (fixed ones included) but will only take the first two ones for the naming. What you want could be done but I would murder whoever asked me to; getting so many adjectives and names is harder and more infuriating than expected. Just a bit of code of one of the most simple ones, then, with over 20 types of bonuses, multiply by as many new ones adjectives you want to add:

        case "mp_percent":
        $mult_value = rand(1, 10 );
        $bonus_array[$i] = "bonus=$bonus,$mult_value";

            if ($i == 1)
                if ($mult_value >= 10) {$adj1 = "Celestial";
                 } else if ($mult_value >= 5) {$adj1 = "Ethereal";
            } else {$adj1 = "Spiritual";}


        if ($i == 2)
                if ($mult_value >= 10) {$adj2 = "divinity";
                } else if ($mult_value >= 5) {$adj2 = "memories";
                } else {$adj2 = "wise";}


Overkill is overkill, so no, thanks.


- I would like to see one, but given the way Flare handles items i don´t think it possible atm. You will need to raise this suggestion to Dorkster. Flare items need to be created beforehand, the main reason for my item generator is to spit them in the hundreds to create the ilussion they are generated on the fly. That means if you want to create a way to improve items you would need to create the upgraded item stats by hand for each of them and use something like "alchemy" that takes items and outputs new ones, while declaring all of that in some txt.

I would love something like socketed gems, but i think for that the whole item system would have to be rewritten, Dorkster is the autority in here so i can´t really answer.


- Are you really going to render again all assests? in that case you could also had a 2-handed attack animation, improve animations with double or more frames and you would need to increase texture quality so they look better with your new resolution.


Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 14:28

While I shared all the monsters I never considered sharing the weapons since they were my own or adapted 3d models from OGA or Blendswap (properly credited and licensed) and not that many new ones, same for the icons created from/for them. But I guess they are useful just because they are ready-to-use for Flare. I will upload them, if you wannna check them they are inside my mod; but without the heavy .blend sources.

As far as I remember I added:

Pot helmet, laddle and lid (joke items), reinforced chest and pants, spiked club, chitin plate, miner helmet, and missing animations for drooping items (leather and plate sets). + icons

and recovered from unused Flare objects:

Hammer, maces, club, axes, short boots and potions.


My mod and links:

Wednesday, January 19, 2022 - 07:53

let´s see:

Item distribution: you need a software for graphics edition (i use an ancient photoshop version) to copy and split the single file, after that go into /engine/icons.txt and include the new files "icon_set=1000,images/icons/icons_runes.png" 1000 is the icon starter number, you can change it. Remember to change the items icon number on their .txt definitons on /items/base or they will be missing.

Item generator: almost finished it, i still need to decide which items get certain bonuses and which don´t. I made it in php with BZT´s help(coder user from FreeGameDev). Basically, i randomize the bonus and the first two ones give the items a name "Hearty" (bonus hp) shortbow "of the" "miasma" (dark protection).

Respec: a very expensive potion that scales price with player level, needs a script to function like alchemy (doesn´t work like normal potions). Resets all stats and return points.

Improving graphics would be nice, but believe me it´s a HUMONGOUS undertaking. You will be making graphics from here to two years just to reach current content. I recomend you just keep current style, it has a lot of charm on it´s own and it´s relatively easy to make.

Making new tilesets is one of my biggest blind points, I have no idea how, I´m stalling that until I really need it. In your case you can just cut that castle into big chunks and rejoin them inside Tiled, just ask Dorkster which is the max size an object can have into Flare and use it for the cuts.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 - 18:45

Rigth now I´m giving my mod a total overhaul in the way things are done. For example, i split the icons file into dedicated pngs for each item type (armor, runes, potions...) which allow to increase it´s numbers quite easily (instead of having to modify a 1000+ icon png), i didn´t know of this until I accidentally ran into the alchemy ingredients. This in turn broke all the items definitions, which are to be remade using my random item generator. I also simplified the base .txt of items to only a few (light and heavy versions), it was insane to have one for each item, that worked for the handful vainilla Flare uses, not for lots of new items.

I´m also adding quality of life features that i was asked for like a Respec potion, quest markers, revised maps... others like alchemy, item lottery or improving pets will come on 2nd act.

The random item generator is a huge game improvement imo, it allows me to quantify overall stats of players at a given lv, which makes balancing enemies easier (plus some sweet item names like "Hearty shortbow of the miasma"), so now every enemy needs rebalancing. I also want for players to level easier, so instead of ending the first act at overall lv7 it will be higher now, allowing to use points into passive skills.

Lots of changes under the hood, but they will be hardly noticeable to players. I also want to add two new sets of armor before re-releasing Act1.


My goals are first to release a polished act1 which i can use as base for all the coming acts, after that to continue the story until it´s end. It migth take me years (2 years passed since i started) but i´ll get there eventually.


By the way, you can use any of the new weapons/armors i added, just grab them from my mod folders.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 13:07

Shino1, could you upload a sample in here? That way we could judge if it´s allowed or not, as said before plenty of that content is already around. Did you made it or are you uploading from CC sources?. It would depend on how hardcore or sensitive your depictions are.



Tuesday, January 11, 2022 - 11:27

"The Empyrean campaign, but with a greater diversity in biomes and monsters, more variety in skills and items, dual wielding, higher resolution graphics, and definitely a lot more difficult!"

Could be done, but the quantity of work needed is way too much for anyone to do without getting any money out of it. While i check some of your points in my mod, the higher resolution upgrade would be humongeus work no sane person would want to tackle for free. It would also ruin the Diablo 1/2 charm (not denying a new style could be great).

The engine is also very poorly documented for any new modder setting the difficulty to very hard from the very start. From inserting a new model to setting up a new map is a hell of it´s own with little written info. So it´s not as friendly as you think for artists, it´s the opposite, a coder will get everything faster to work.

That said, it´s a good platform to get a "Diablesque" game started, stable, mature, with a helpful developer and FOSS.


This is my mod, you might want to have a look: