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Monday, March 25, 2013 - 18:24

If anyone wants to expand on my zombies currently I wouldn't be opposed ;) haha.

Monday, March 25, 2013 - 03:32

Wow, has a cool world of warcraft talent tree feel to it, big fan!  You did an amazing job, thanks!

Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 19:10

Well, this isn't really the path I was trying to take to ask for permission to use LPC participant's art, however I guess we did shine light on the iOS troubles with GPL and CC-BY-SA... and the anti-DRM clause.  *Everyone Deep Breath* :) haha.  

Thanks everyone for at contributing your knowledge and time, like I said I am new to all of this so I am no expert.  This week is my spring break from college so I have more time to spend on my project.  I stumbled across the liscensing issue (thank goodness) which put me kind of in a panic, and in turn has made me separate my tilesets into alloweduse and pending.  

As a fellow artist (I draw a lot, this is my first go around at digital art), I realize that I wouldn't want anyone using my art in any way I didn't allow.  Thus, instead of me wondering what people wanted, I thought I'd ask each participant individually and get permission.  However, I felt I had to explain my situation for anyone to take me seriously.  


Thank you for understanding and helping out, I didn't mean to step on anyone's toes, especially you.  I read in the entry somewhere that you allowed more liscenses than just CC-By-SA and GPL, so I assumed it was ok to ask the participants (which is thankfully the case :) ).  I didn't really think about the payment aspect because it was a contest...  Nonetheless, I'm glad you cleared up the mud for me on what I need to be asking artists. Also, I am happy to hear you are working on a blanket permission. I know the farther and bigger a project becomes the harder it is to get ahold of anyone, and seeing how you guys did such a great job with LPC, I'm guessing the contributor list is going to get pretty big.


Thank you! I was actually just going to start creating a base sprite sheet for my own character dimensions, but now I am wondering If I should use yours.  Where I'm stuck is that I already put hours into my zombies and they won't match dimensionally... erg, any ideas?  I mean I could go ahead and recreate all my zombies, but I like the design of them so much already.  Either way I'm going to need to do sprite work so I'll have to make a decision.


Thank you for checking back and making a blanket permission.  I was wondering if I should recontact you about it.. but didn't want to bug you.  Now I don't have to, haha, thanks for your work!


As Bart has stated, currently I'll still need to ask the artitists individually for tilesets.  I originally thought most people would either shoot me down or give me a passive yes, so I understand both.  If you end up giving me(Curt) permission to use them under a CC-BY liscense excluding the anti-DRM clause, just let me know on this page.  

I'll make sure to post all of my tileset derivatives used in my game.  I'll be putting them up as CC-BY-SA.  This is because although I may be allowed a CC-BY-DRM (made that term up), that doesn't mean the artist wanted the public to have it under this license.  I'm going to respect their decision and post my derivatives the same way.  I can split the tilesets and derivatives up by original artist too... (might get messy... but I can do my best) on request and post them as CC-BY-DRM if the original art is liscensed the same way.  Haha, just realize that I'm human and this might not get done immediately... :D.


So far what I'm using is:

-Magecity (not LPC) by Zabin. -CC0

-LPC Base Tilesets by Sharm (only the ones she's made)

-and now, RedStrike's..... just need to think the best approach for innermixing my sprites.

***I just found out about the DRM clause... so I'm going to have to go around and talk to the CC-by contributors .. *sigh*.


Thursday, March 21, 2013 - 17:42


Thanks, I'll make sure to attribute your physical form in the future, haha.


That makes sense, doesn't really matter to me, just didn't want anyone having false hopes. ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 20:54

557 downloads?  that can't be right.. someone want to fix that?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 20:24


Awesome!  I didn't know you were the original sprite provider! :)  I think you are right though, before you decide to release them to the public as CC-BY, you might want to talk to Bart and the others who head it up.  You guys may be able to work with Creative Commons to get a CC-BY-SA license written up that is only graphics/image bound.  Maybe call it (CC-BY-IMGSA).  This might be a pain for original artwork, like logos and extras, but it'd be better than what they have in place now.  


I just uploaded my sprites I've made for my game and most of the graphics ( I havent done any tileset work yet since I didn't have permission until now).  I liscensed them under CC-By-SA for now since I am a ways away from making my game.  I'd like to publish it to apple before releasing the artwork and zombies under other licenses...  If you aren't making a iOS app though, I'll be happy to talk to you about offering a less restrictive liscense.  Anyway thanks guys!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 18:27


First question: I think a lot of people are confused at what CC-by-SA means, and I can understand why.  It is intuitive to think that the liscense only applies to art, but when you think about, if a game used all CC-by-SA art, is it really a seperate thing or isn't it an adaptation of the work?  I'm guessing it's the latter, either way I always assume the worst.  I can see how you would think that ideally someone.. somewhere.. could use it to help them make an iOS app (maybe by just 'seeing how I did things, but the likely hood of this happening is much less then someone just stealing code chunks and using it without my permission.  If they used it under CC-by-SA/GPL they couldn't put it on the app store anyway, and it is next to impossible to know if someone is using your code.  Also, it doesn't help me solve the issue of using LPC tilesets.  They are currently under CC-by-SA with the websites intention of the liscense (and Legally I think Bart has it right, this liscense forces you to give up your source code either way.) 

Second question:  No, she is giving me a CC-by liscense.  Legally, I'm not sure if I can or can't publish her stuff under CC-by, I don't really care.  She gave me a CC-by liscense under my certain situation, obviously if she wants to publically release it as CC-by she can on this website fairly easily.  It isn't up to me to judge what she does with her art, and for me personally I feel all of the derivatives of her work belong to her, so when I upload them to this website they will be under the same liscense as her material.  If she changes her stuff to CC-by then I will change my derivatives.  All I know is that she is kind enough for me to use her tiles not bounded by the SA parameters, I'll let her decide the rest.

Third question: I'm stating that she gave me permission to use her work.  She can decide who is allowed to use her derivatives as CC-by.  If the only two contributors to a certain piece of LPC art are her and someone who derived her work, then they can also give me permission to use that peice of art as CC-by.  Essentially to use a peice of art under a different liscense you have to get everyone's permission who contributed to that one peice of art.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 16:11

@Gaurav -
I could do that, yes, but the fact is I'd still need the artists permission.  Plus if the code is GPL on github it is still worthless to anyone for the same reason I cant use your images.  Id rather instead provide my art to the community, if that is alright with the artist.

@Sharm -
Thank you!  I can't express my gratitude enough!  Ill make sure to e-mail you and keep you updated if you'd like?  I don't want to spam you if you don't care about my project.

--since Sharm created most of the base tilesets, any derivatives (of just her artwork) should be ok to give myself permission to use.  This doesnt, however allow you to release your dervatives to the public as CC-by.  Thanks again Sharm!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 - 12:58

@CC. Nilsson-

     I understand that and see why you want your art CC-by-SA.  When I first started making my game I didn’t know anything about licensing.  My code unfortunately is in the language it is in, and I’d have to restart from scratch to go to a different platform.  Trusting someone with your artwork that you don’t know is hard, but isn’t this whole site about trusting the community?  There are always exceptions to the conditions we set forth, and what I’m asking is that LPC artists consider what they intended when licensing LPC CC-by-SA.  If it was to restrict the use of certain platforms I’ll gladly accept this.  But if it was to ensure the growth and community of the project, I’m asking for an exception in my case so I can use the artwork as it was intended.  I have friends and family like everyone here and I’ll be happy to give everyone my FB, contact info, and app name for accountability.  Also, you can license the art to me on a conditional basis. In the end though, I know it’s up to you guys and I’ll respect your decision.

@Julius -

Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0

This license requires you to release the source your entire project under the same license or one with similar terms, such as the GNU GPL. If you're trying to sell a game, this is probably something you want to avoid, as you will be required to distribute the source code, and your users will be allowed to distribute it as well.

Since this is the sites policy I must assume it was also the artist's intent.