Lots of free 2d tiles and sprites by Hyptosis

Lots of free 2d tiles and sprites by Hyptosis


Edit: (12-29-2012) -Here's the forum topic Danimal started which caused me to join NewGrounds inorder to get permission from Hyptosis to upload his art to OGA.


Look at where he posted his art,


Scroll down to where you see "Author Comments" and "Reviews" and look to the left.  You'll see "Lincensing Terms" which specify the CC BY 3.0 license.

Here's a couple quotes from Hyptosis that I recieved in a PM on NewGrounds.

Hyptosis: "Actually I think a lot of the cream of the crop is already on there! But feel free to distribute it anywhere you want, have a good one man!

Hyptosis: "Yeah man, all I want is credit. Anyone can use these for anything. Thanks!"

End of edit:

Almost enough free art to make an entire game with.  Hyptosis was kind enough to give these tiles away instead of having them go to waste on one of his storage drives.  Here's a quote from him.

"First thing first, I'm releasing a lot of my old art for public use. I've had so many irons in the fire for so long, it's been a really really rough past couple of weeks. Hit after hit after hit and I'm getting tired and I'm running out of money.

I've worked on dozens of games and none of them are ever going to get finished, mostly because the programmers lost interest, but in a few cases it's just me too. Some of these art assets are just culled from projects that we may yet finish as well. Anyway, point is, here is some art for you guys to use in your games if you want!

I'd prefer some minor percentage of ad revenue as a royalty for use, but it isn't required. I really enjoy making this kind of art, I hate to see it go to waste hiding away on my storage drives."-Hyptosis



The first link is where he made his files available and the second is his OGA page where you'll find even more of his tiles in the same style.

These are all 32X32 except for batch5 it's 16X16 pixels.  The preview was made by Hyptosis (of one of his many unfinished games) and everything you see in the preview is in here, except the character portrait, waterfall, and a bush. 

If anyone is making a Zelda like RPG I'm sure these assets would come in handy, especially the bomb.

I have plans to use some of these assets myself.  I'm not a programmer but I have a solid game engine that has it's own scripting language which makes a non-programmer able to make their own game.  Soon I will put word out on freegamedev.org and see if anyone is interested in modernizing this old game.  It was made in 1999-2003.  Check out my account page for more info.

Attribution Instructions: 
Please credit Hyptosis and Zabin (only drew 6 frames of the bomb's wick burning) from OGA and respect to the License.
hyptosis_tile-art-batch-1.png hyptosis_tile-art-batch-1.png 525 Kb [60111 download(s)]
hyptosis_til-art-batch-2.png hyptosis_til-art-batch-2.png 352.8 Kb [45457 download(s)]
hyptosis_tile-art-batch-3.png hyptosis_tile-art-batch-3.png 338.1 Kb [22977 download(s)]
hyptosis_tile-art-batch-4.png hyptosis_tile-art-batch-4.png 139.1 Kb [40563 download(s)]
hyptosis_tile-art-batch-5.png hyptosis_tile-art-batch-5.png 194.5 Kb [41012 download(s)]
hyptosis_sprites-and-tiles-for-you.png hyptosis_sprites-and-tiles-for-you.png 166.3 Kb [45829 download(s)]
BombExploding.png BombExploding.png 7.6 Kb [34325 download(s)]