Various inventory 24 pixel icon set

Various inventory 24 pixel icon set


Various 24x24px icons for inventory and such.

Because I reached the tag text field limit, i will add more item descriptions here:

pipes, chest, bagpipes, id, card, id card, identification, identification card, chip card, chip, mystical, crystal, key, laser, laser gun, sci-fi, flashlight, light, needles, ammunition, ammo, belt, cigarette, smoke, smoking, magazine, issue, document, machine gun, mg, save, load, saving, loading, ball, glass, radio, device, bag, backpack, mask, gas mask, armor, armour, protection, suit, protection suit, needle, syringe, money, cash, pay, watch, wrist clock, diamond, jewel, ring, glove, timer, bomb, countdown, helmet, motorbike helmet, racing helmet, ipod, music player, portable media player, mp3 player, ogg player, cigarettes, package, drug, drugs

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