Potential HTML5 RPG Assets

Potential HTML5 RPG Assets

Kuhraiy Chronicles

Tentative open source HTML5 RPG I'm planning. Kuhraiy Chronicles is a tentative name for the series. Just looking for potential assets that could be of use.


I gave up on this project years ago, but I'm trying to bring it back again.


I deleted my other collections as those projects are 100% dead, this is the only one I still want to pursue. I gave up on this project years ago as I felt it was just too much effort and I didn't really have the time or resources to invest in it. At this point in time, I'm working a full-time job and I'm mostly debt free now. I'm trying to pursue either writing a novel or creating game assets in my spare time, and maybe, just maybe, I can replace my main job with Indie game dev.

At the very least, I want to try and develop some simple games using LPC assets as a starting point. Maybe I can pursue something much bigger later on, but I'm mostly looking to make some progress on a smaller project.


Given this is planned out to be an extended universe, there's plenty of room to make miniature bite-sized projects all in the same universe. Something akin to how the Momodora series turned out is kinda the idea I'm pursuing; making small games that show a small piece of a greater puzzle. Then later on, flesh it out with deeper projects down the line if the first ones turn out well.

And if nothing else, maybe creating game assets can help me fully realize a fantasy novel based on the same series. Either way, it will help me progress my story.


I may start expanding this collection again soon and remove anything from this collection that doesn't have OGA-BY as a license.

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