Assets for Planned Use in Realm of Kuhraiy

Assets for Planned Use in Realm of Kuhraiy

Realm of Kuhraiy

Tentative open source HTML5 RPG I'm planning. Realm of Kuhraiy would be a precursor to a series of "Kuhraiy" RPG's which I plan to be commercial Indie titles. I won't necessarily sell the titles directly; I may do so if I release them on Mobile and just keep the online version free or something, but I haven't fully thought it over just yet.

Realm of Kuhraiy itself, though, will simply be my first project and will be a taste of what is planned, with more emphasis on gameplay and less on story. It will use fully open-source resources and probably LPC sprites.

In the world of Gaeyis, a fantasy late-medieval world just entering an industrial revolution, mercenary factions are common, hired by the nations of the world, sometimes individuals, to perform a variety of deeds such as acting as bodyguards, warriors, or assassins.

Within the mercenary world, the major factions have been organized into specific regions where they are most active. Among the most active, and most notorious, are the Kuhraiy, a very effective mercenary organization that works from the shadows. The region surrounding the Kingdom of Masa is called the "Realm of Kuhraiy," as it is their most active region, leading to speculation that said organization is based somewhere near the Kingdom of Masa.

The Kingdom of Masa have been long-standing enemies of the Kuhraiy, and are looking to cut them down. When a merchant caravan is destroyed in the midst of a Kuhraiy attack, a young mercenary-for-hire, Relm Kisaragi, gets dragged into the fight against the Kuhraiy. Things aren't always what they seem, though, and Relm has her own secrets she refuses to tell...

Once I have a website up (I purchased the domain name months ago) I'll link that and remove the synopsis from here.