RPG Sound Pack

RPG Sound Pack



A compilation of all my sound effect work for the past couple months. While I created them specifically with RPGs in mind (such as Summoning Wars and FLARE, should either of those projects have a use for any of these), I'm sure there are much broader uses for at least a few of these. 95 files, all in the .wav format


A list of the sound effects in this pack:


Battle Sounds

-2 Spell sounds

-3 'swoosh' weapon swing sounds

-5 'sword unsheathe/clash' sounds


Inventory Sounds:

-light armor



-3 'bubble' sounds

-2 'chainmail' sounds

-heavy cloth

-lighter cloth

-3 'coin toss' sounds

-ringing metal

-3 'small' metal sounds

-'small' wood sound


Interface Sounds:

-6 interface sounds


NPC Sounds:

-3 beetle sounds

-15 guttural beast sounds

-5 giant sounds

-15 shade sounds

-10 slime sounds

-5 ogre sounds (similar to giant, only a bit less forceful)

-1 wolfman sound


Misc Sounds:

-7 misc sounds of no particular description (...)


World Sounds:

-1 open creaky door sound


rpg_sound_pack.zip rpg_sound_pack.zip 12.5 Mb [53318 download(s)]